The Book

You may just be ready to curl up with a good book. Funny you should mention it. We can offer some excellent reading from our man John who has written Jock Around the Clock – the story of history’s first all-sports radio network. Enterprise Radio, for that is what it was called, was launched by the same father-and-son team, Bill and Scott Rasmussen, who put ESPN on the air. John was the auto racing reporter for Enterprise Radio and, as such, is uniquely qualified to write about the great expectations and sudden downfall of the network that has been copied so many times since – by ESPN Radio, WFAN in New York, Fox Sports Net and numerous others.

Check out this insider’s view found in the fascinating pages of Jock Around the Clock. You can order the book at or Jock Around… is also available in e-book form for your Kindle or Nook.